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Finansert offers its members a unique opportunity to invest in European markets, without having any financial experience and having very minimal knowledge in the field of investments. Basically, Finansert operates as an investment fund that manages your deposits in a professional manner allowing users to obtain high profits, even when global markets are falling. Most of trading operations are carried out automatically by our trading system that combines automated trading techniques according to market signals with an additional experienced traders employed by Finansert. By these means Finansert is able to achieve extraordinary performance barely achieved by any other investment vehicle available for masses.

Fund Summary

The primary objective of the mutual fund is to maintain long-term growth of capital while providing high liquidity of the assets.


Finansert investment fund guarantees to all its investors, no less than 1.0% of the profits after daily charge for investors using simple investment plan, 1.2% per day using the profits to investors Golden Plan Investment and 1.4% for investors using Platinum investment plan. Fund also ensure that all requests for periodic withdrawal will be met in no more than one working day and the main demands of the withdrawal will be completed in no less than four cases days. Finansert also guarantee that investors will be given full access to their initial investment after 180 days lock up period expires.


Finansert mutual fund is currently managed by three experienced traders. We target to allocate 20% of our total working capital for each of our trader and 40% is left for mutual management. Mutual managed capital also includes funds held in monetary market.

Alexander Boyd
Alexander Boyd is senior fund manager of Finansert mutual fund as well as president of the company responsible for distribution of units of the fund - Finansert Investments and Trading International, Inc. Mr. Boyd has been professionally trading in European markets since 1993 and mostly specifies in short-term speculations. Since 1999 he worked as a private investor until recently when he started his own public mutual fund.

Portfolio Information

Finansert mutual fund actively trades in Eastern Europe countries as well as several other European countries, namely Austrian Republic, Turkish Republic and United Kingdom.

Account types

Besides already high base income, Finansert is offering even greater profits share to loyal investors. There are available three different account types for users with different financial needs.
  • Simple account
    For beginner investors, who are willing to invest anything as little as 10 USD. This account type does not have increased profits rate.
  • Golden account
    For intermediate investors, who are willing to invest anything above 1,000 USD. This account type has increased profits rate by 20%.
  • Platinum account
    For serious investors, who are willing to invest anything above 10,000 USD. This account type has increased profits rate by 40% and has no upper limit for investments.
Trading Days

Finansert mutual fund only pays interest on business days (Mon-Fri), as trades cannot be executed during weekends and public holidays.

Finansert allows its members to choose between non-compounding, partial compounding and full
compounding. Investors are allowed to withdraw their compounded profits along with their principal investment after lock up period expires.

Deposits and Withdrawals

All deposits and withdrawals are handled using major digital currencies:

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